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There are 200 million companies worldwide, yet only 2% know their true value. Consider this: on average 45% of a business owner’s net worth is tied to their business. That's a lot of wealth tied directly to the business! Knowing the value of your business will be critical if you have future plans to exit your business and are counting on its worth to help fund your retirement and other financial goals. A significant majority of small business owners plan to sell their businesses to fund retirement. Do you know the value of your business?

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Why Do a Business Valuation Now?

Consider, you will exit your business, one way or another! Whether it be your retirement, a partnership split up, an attractive buyout offer, or in the worst case, maybe a divorce or unexpected illness ... or even death. Maybe your business plans don't include a near term exit from the business at all?  Knowing the value of your business will empower you to make smart business decisions today ... to plan for succession, to protect key employees, to ascertain business financing on favorable terms, to help project successful growth trends and maximize business value, to resolve partnership disputes over the business's real worth. There are a myriad of very positives aspects to having a proper business valuation today!  

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Now offering a free business valuation, powered by the world's largest provider of business valuations, that will accurately assess the value of your business in real-time. Business valuations can be a cumbersome, costly, time-consuming process, but this one is simple and streamlined and can be completed in a single brief session. Once you complete the easy 7 step process you’ll receive a robust and informative 29 page report, which includes:

  • Up to 20 key performance indicators, including size, profitability and growth
  • Peer comparisons of business metrics
  • 4 different valuation figures
  • Financial performance snapshots

What is your business worth?  It’s a question you need to answer now. 
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Other Business Services/ Benefits Programs

Lakeland Investor Services, Inc., through strategic cooperation with various financial services organizations, and/or Mark W. Petro, serving within his professional capacity as a licensed insurance agent, are capable of delivering a wide range of effective financial solutions to small/medium-sized businesses, including: 

Qualified Retirement Plans for Small Businesses  

Key Employee Benefits

Business Succession Planning


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