Lakeland offers a comprehensive wealth advisory approach to addressing your total wealth picture, all within one simple, asset-based advisory fee. Lakeland approaches wealth advisory through six (6) key financial initiatives, most of which may be considered "universal" to one's personal finances, regardless of your position in life.  The firm believes that approaching each of these seven core financial initiatives decisively, and from a comprehensive financial/investment/estate planning perspective could strengthen and streamline your personal wealth situation so that you could have greater confidence and control in achieving your lifetime financial goals.

Lakeland’s Six (6) Full Service Wealth Advisory Initiatives

  1. Portfolio Management – intuitive, cost effective investment management tailored to each investor's unique situation
  2. Life Insurance - protecting family/business cash flows and future capital needs in event of a sudden, premature loss-of-life catastrophe
  3. Retirement Planning - retiring when ready and able with an investment nest egg that will endure a retirement timeframe of potentially 2 or 3 decades
  4. Education Planning - adequately funding, with minimal consequential debt, the advanced educational needs of the family's members
  5. Long Term Care Planning - preparing/planning for support and resources, in advance, towards the compassionate long term health care of a family’s elderly members
  6. Family Estate Planning - building/endowing viable multigenerational wealth legacies to future generations of your family and/or charitable organizations 

Lakeland’s Wealth Advisory service level engages a comprehensive approach to client wealth management focusing on these six (6) key financial initiatives, helping to bridge a client's understanding of their overall financial/investment/estate planning universe, with an overarching goal to help improve a clients’ lifetime wealth prospects as financial planning, investment/insurance strategies, and/or advanced financial solutions are put into action towards helping each client achieve their financial goals.

How affordable are Lakeland's services?

Some financial services firms charge an hourly fee for their advice. Those hourly fees often resemble attorney's fees and can add up quickly. Other financial firms charge a fee for investment management services and then again charge separately for financial planning services. The combined fees, when financial planning and investment management services are necessarily engaged in conjunction on behalf of a client, can amount to a considerable sum of money.

Lakeland’s fee arrangement for the firm's wealth advisory clients includes wealth advisory/financial planning/investment management services all within one simple, asset-based advisory fee. There are no hourly fees or separate checks to write for financial planning services. And Lakeland’s basic advisory fee is highly competitive by industry standards and negotiable upon mutual considerations.

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The firm also offers à la carte planning level services, for a flat fee, for basic retirement planning, estate planning or college planning services, as well as for investment consultation services. 

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