Full Service Wealth Advisory Fees (including Investment Management)

Full Service Wealth Advisory is the recommended service level available to the firm’s clients, and this service includes any/all of the advisory services Lakeland offers all within one simple, asset-based advisory fee, including -- Investment Management, Retirement Planning, Insurance Planning*, Education Planning, and/or Family Estate Planning. 

Account Size Management Fee Quarterly Assessed Management Fee Annualized Equivalent
Less than $25,000 0.3125% - 0.375% 1.25% - 1.50%
$25,000 - $99,999 0.275% - 0.3125% 1.10% - 1.25%
$100,000 - $199,999 0.25% - 0.275% 1.00% - 1.10%
$200,000 - $299,999 0.225% - 0.25% 0.90% - 1.00%
$300,000 and up 0.10% - 0.225% 0.40% - 0.90%

*Insurance planning is included within the Lakeland’s wealth advisory service level, but is not available as an à la carte advisory service. For insurance specific advice visit Lakeland Insurance Services, LLC.

À la carte Investment Consultation

This fee-based service is available for investors seeking an objective review of current investment holdings that are not currently being managed by your investment advisor. Employer sponsored retirement plans (401k, 403b, etc.), variable annuity accounts and other self-directed investment accounts will be analyzed to assess asset allocation, market sector, regional exposure, risk and return statistics, modern portfolio theory statistics and investment selection. Consideration will be given to your tolerance for risk and time frame of investing. Recommendations may be made to rebalance holdings, reallocate investment choices or remove investment choices that may be counterintuitive towards your investment goals.

Investment Consultant Fee $125 per consultation

À la carte Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning is a valuable service for investors seeking a formal review of your ability to retire financially secure. Retirement Planning provides a formalized analysis of your retirement savings needs and your ability to meet essential capital expenditures through, potentially, three decades of rising living costs during your retirement years. This service provides a cash-flow based retirement planning analysis. Personal spending habits will be assessed. Capital growth projections, cash flow projections and distribution strategies will be assessed. Required Minimum Distributions will be projected. Alternative retirement cash flow strategies, such as utilization of Roth IRA’s and/or variable annuities will be assessed. Other services such as investor risk profiling, asset allocation and analysis of investment risk/return may be included as needed. 

Retirement Plan Analysis $395 flat fee w/ $95 retainer $95 annual updates

À la carte Education Planning Analysis

Education Planning Analysis is a service for investors seeking an investment plan of action for future college/post-secondary education costs. Included with this service are future estimated college cost projections (regionally, nationally or specific to a particular college), an assessment of available and appropriate investment vehicles, a discussion of the eligibility requirements for college aid and assistance programs, and investment risk profiling.

Education Planning Analysis $195 flat fee $95 annual updates

À la carte Family Estate Planning

Family Estate Planning is an essential service for individuals seeking a formal review of their existing estate and the risks present for estate shrinkage (specific to federal and state tax liabilities) as well as optimization of wealth transfer to succeeding generations of your family. The following services may be included with this plan: review of existing estate documents (wills, trusts, insurance policies and beneficiary designations), itemized asset inventory, growth rate projections, future tax assumptions, review of liquidity needs, cash flow projections, effects of current vs. alternative planning options, “what if” scenarios. In addition, asset allocation review and analysis of portfolio risk/reward, and cost basis of investment holdings are considered. Other services may be included as needed.

Family Estate Plan Analysis Fee and Retainer Annual Updates
Estates valued less than $2 Million $395 flat fee w/ $95 retainer $135
Estates valued more than $2 Million $495 flat fee w/ $95 retainer $135